Why Pulses?

The editors at Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning recognize that traditional academic journals are not always the best venue for every scholarly article. Pulses was developed for faculty, residents, and students to share valuable information and insight on topics of interest within pharmacy education in an expedient manner. One of the goals of Pulses is to promote scholarly dialogue and we hope that each article will evoke thought and discussion among others within the Academy.

Pulses invites short articles (400-800 words) from faculty, residents, and students. We expect that submissions will cover a variety of topics and perspectives.  Articles in Pulses will be peer-coached, meaning that an editor and/or content expert will communicate with the author(s) to ensure that the article is both interesting to readers and maintains scholarly value.

See the Author Guidelines and FAQ for more specific information on submitting articles to Pulses.

Pulses is a scholarly blog supported by Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning

Pulses logo design was conceived by Ashley Castleberry, PharmD and final artwork developed by James Rhodes, PharmD Candidate 2019.

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  1. I am interested to write in the Pulse. I am PhD in Pharmacy Education and have research interest on competency assessment and curriculum development. I can contribute on this endevour.


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